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Tray’s here!

I’m always horrible at coming up with titles.  So this time, I went with the name of one of my favorite characters I ever created. Okay yeah, she was a bit of a Mary Sue, but I adored her.  And she taught me a lot about how a character can develop their own personality. So I’ll just carry her along, shall we?

Yup, this is your average struggling writer blog.  My name’s Brenda Cobbs.  I have been published, but over a decade ago, so perhaps it’s good to start fresh.  I cut my teeth on the Dragonriders of Pern and NASA, thanks to the spacebug I call Mom.  I also learned my love of history and reading from her as well.  Just about every trip we took included a museum or historical spot, and I continue that tradition today.

I do have one other blog that’s semi-regularly updated, detailing the fun things the wind leaves on my doorstep:  . It’s partially amusement that I post there, partially environmental awareness.  But mostly because if I don’t make fun of it, I’ll get frustrated and angry at the Oklahoman wind, and no one stops that.


About Traylantha

I am currently a shrinking meatsack of a writer. I enjoy history, hockey, science fiction, fantasy, and a good nap. I've been dogpaddling on the net since before AOL had a million members.

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