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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Work Sucks

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The past month for me has been a month of adjustments.  Went from being under-employed with tons of free time for writing to being over-employed and my schedule thrown on it’s ear.  While it’s great for my bank account (hello savings!), not so great for my production.  Working on adjusting to the new schedule instead of trying to force the schedule to work for me.   Like most people I can’t come home from work and go straight to bed, I need an hour or two to wind down. (my work schedule is 10 pm to 7 am. Hoot Hoot) So now.. I’m giving in and making that my writing time.

One nice thing about the job though, is they actively encourage ipods and other things to listen to.  So I’m checking out various podcasts.  Freakonomics I mentioned in the last post, but I’m also looking into writing podcasts.  I figure, I listen to one or two in my last hour at work, that’ll help prime the pump when I get home to write.  One of the two I’ve settled on so far is Inside Creative Writing with Brad Reed. He’s got a great voice and a sense of humor. I laugh.   The other one is the Odyssey podcasts from the yearly writing workshop they host. (and that I hope to apply to next year.)   I like them both, and bonus points is that I get to listen in to workshops attended by friends years ago. Time travel IS possible!

Anyone have podcasts they’d like to recommend?  I like to learn and think about things, and humor is a plus. Haters and jerks need not apply.