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Books of 2013, my reading review

My year in review, book style! Probably boring for most, so this is mostly my own thoughts.

First book finished in 2013 was  the Hunger Games.  First book started and finished in 2013 was Catching Fire. Both by Suzanne Collins.

Last book read in 2013 was One Salt Sea, by the amazing Seanan McGuire.

Last book started in 2013 but finished in 2014 is Dowager Empress Cixi, by Jung Chang.  Honestly, I recommend everything written by Chang, but especially Cixi and Wild Swans if you want to understand how China went from Imperial to Modern Day.  She also has a biography on Mao but I have not read it yet.

Favorite new Author:  Jeeze I have like twelve. Highlighting Laini Taylor’s series Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which is in development by a studio in Hollywood right now, with Taylor working on the script.

Most useful book of the year:  Around the Writer’s Block, by Rosanne Bane.  She goes into the psychological reasons behind blocks, which I found more useful than the “just write through it” type of advise. She proposes the theory that procrastination and avoidance of the work is actually one of the brain’s self-protection techniques.  Your subconscious attached bad experiences to the act of writing/sharing your work and therefore tries to prevent a repeat. And more things like that. I love books that explain my brain to me.

Most heartbreaking book of the year: The Lost dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and their Tale of Rescue and Redemption.  I listened to this at work and seriously bawled at times.  I will not and cannot forgive him until he actually takes responsibility for his actions. Maybe not even then.  Some amazing people stepped forward and the evolution of the dogs from fighting stock to current day is just amazing.

Most Disappointing Book of the year:  That’s a two way split.  Enclave by Ann Aguirre and The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.  I had high hopes for Enclave but it was so choppy and her descriptions were worse than mine.  I follow her on twitter and she’s more fun there than in her writing.  Lies was highly touted by many of the podcasts and book blogs I follow and to find it so bleh was heartbreaking. I did finish Enclave, I couldn’t make it past chapter 2 of Lies.

Book that I won in a drawing: Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson.  If you like comics or marvel movies, I think you’d like this one.  Sanderson’s one of the “up and coming” crop of genre pundit favorites.  He’s also funny to listen to in his podcasts, mainly the group cast he does called Writing Excuses. He’s also as big of a geek as we are.

Funniest book of the year:  Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, By Alison Arngrim.  All of you know who Nellie Oleson is, if you’ve ever had to sit through Little House On the Prairie.  Alison is almost a blend of Nellie and Laura Ingalls, with a lot more wild child on the side. My favorite part? When she explains why Nellie taught her that it’s okay to be the bitch.

Most Personal book of the year: Shield of Sea and Space, by Erin Hoffman.  I saw that one being born, as in, in person while she wrote it!  And I’m in the author’s notes. *puffs up* named a char in the series too. Not the only one, but hey! I’m one OF them.

Total books read: 57. Books from audio books: 27.  I can’t really pinpoint an absolute favorite book of the year though.  Ah well.

I kept track of everything through Goodreads. Full list (and my profile) are here:  Friend me if you like, I’ll spam the devil out of you. But I like to think I make interesting choices? 🙂


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